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The concept:

Brought to you by Rapture, a physical representation of Porsche’s integrating elements and the Macan’s identity. Designed by Dana Al-Mutairi simplifying Porsche’s complexity of energy, industrialism, and systematic characteristics with piping systems that showcase a delivery of products. As for the MACAN’s identity, its sole purpose is to be the sidekick you dream of, providing a range of support from daily reliability to THRILLING ADVENTURES. Where you are the star superhero of the enterprises, you chose to endure, and what better way to fully envision such reality than to witness it yourself! Which will be available at Porsche's Centre Kuwait Showroom from June 1st- July 31st, 2021, come by and embrace your inner heroism.

The collaboration:


Over the years, Porsche has illustrated tremendous values, some of which highlight craftsmanship and community. Recently, Porsche has extended their values to support young local brands. Rapture, a Kuwaiti fashion brand found by Dana Al-Mutairi and Ghala Al-Hajri, lives up to its name, dedicating pieces that aim to radiate INTENSE HAPPINESS. As likes of Porsche, Rapture’s values are remarkably similar. This collaboration combines both values, delivering a united package to encourage bold risks and to CHOOSE THRILLING, INTENSE HAPPINESS. The collaboration goes beyond an artistic display of the Macan. Rapture incorporated Porsche's logo into their SIGNATURE CARDHOLDER, and re-defined the TAG KEYCHAINS into a car dangler. 

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